Your Next Steps


Raise Awareness and Keep on Going

I hope that the shifts you have made are only the beginning of a healthier life for you going forward. Wellness is a journey and you now have many tools to help you get where you want to go.

Nutrition - As you finish the cleanse you will be learning how to identify food sensitivities and how to listen to your body about what it needs. Downlaod the pdf below to learn more about carefully reintroducing foods so that you can learn how to listen to your body's needs. You can also check out the "Nutrition for Busy Women" video (on the Recipes tab) where nutrition coach Marnie Northrup teaches practical tools to maintain healthy eating, even when life is busy.

Fitness - You have been increasing your fitness and especially adding movement into your morning routine. Use the posted videos for inspiration. Keep setting goals for yourself and trying new things. Some fun favorites from my past group participants: belly dancing, kick boxing, pole dancing, hula hooping, training for a 1/2 marathon, or working out in a park.

Mindset - I believe in you and I know that you can achieve your goals! You, your body and your health are worth it. Listen to Cinthia's recording and do her 30 minute call. Ask yourself these interesting questions: What is the positive intended outcome of my old thoughts and habits? (pause, really think about that one...) How else can I achieve that outcome? What might I lose that I value if I actually allow myself to get really healthy? Can I get that in a different way that would support what I know I really want? How can I stick to a healthy lifestyle going forward?

Sleep - Notice how your body feels after getting a little extra sleep. Have you noticed that the more energy you have during the day the better you sleep at night? Your ability to sleep effects every aspect of your daytime life and your long term health. It is really worth allowing the time for a good night's sleep so get in the habit of winding yourself down and getting to bed earlier.
Please write a comment before you leave to let us know what has shifted for you and what your next steps will be going forward.