The Busy Woman’s 2-Week Recharge: Your guide to restoring adrenal health, reducing stress and increasing energy, all naturally!


This 2-week program will help you have the energy you need to enjoy all the things that you love.

Are you so busy with work, family and other people that you put your own health on the backburner?
Are you feeling the effects of stress, overwhelm and fatigue in your body?
Is it time to reclaim your health and have the energy to actually enjoy all the things you are so busy doing?

You know that you can’t run yourself on empty and live your life fully. You want to be healthy, but it can be hard to prioritize taking care of yourself. However, if you burn out, your work will get less productive and your family, relationships and long term health will suffer.

Other people actually NEED YOU TO BE WELL!

Finally, here is a comprehensive program that will give you an easy structure and the support you need to fit health back into your life, even when you are super busy. Dr. Amy will personally guide you on this journey with the assistance of an amazing team of holistic health experts.

You can join in from anywhere through this online program and you will have access to videos, recipes and stress management tools as well as a supportive group of health conscious women. Everything is recorded so you can check in on your own time and go at your own pace.

Most women don’t start to think seriously about self-care until they are facing a breakdown in their health. This program will help you to be proactive about your health, without a lot of time or effort.

You can expect to:
Cleanse your body with a unique women’s health detox plan
Decrease your stress
Boost your energy
Jump start your weight loss
Restore your balance

The Busy Woman’s 2-Week RechargeĀ is available as a self-guided program by clicking here. Dr. Amy also leads groups several times per year. Stay tuned forĀ details by entering your email address in the box to the right. Plus you will receive a free gift to help you get started right away!

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