Dr. Amy Day is an amazing Naturopathic Doctor specializing in women’s health. I just love her!Amy brings her wise guidance and uncommonly good sense to support my intuitive approach to self-care.I also had the most informative and relaxed gynecology exam ever with her. I left feeling wonder at the beauty and power of the body and so grateful for her way of practicing medicine. Dr. Amy Day is holistic and kind, human and trustworthy. I highly recommend her care. With Amy’s help, I could live to be 102 like my grandma!
– Carol H.

My life has changed since seeing Dr. Amy Day. My energy level is amazing, and my health is going in the right direction. Dr. Day listens to me and my health problems.
– Roxanna M.

“I am eternally grateful for Dr. Day’s support and wisdom, and am referring everyone to her wise care.”
– Kristie H.

“I just recently had my annual GYN exam with Dr. Amy Day, and I am glad to have had this “not so fun” exam with her. She did a good job explaining the procedure and making sure there were no surprises. I was also very pleased with the thoroughness of the actual exam and the past medical history.”
– Kolle K.

“I highly recommend Amy, she could not be more supportive. I felt very well looked after during a time when I needed more attention than I could have gotten with a traditional doctor. We also resolved my issues quickly. The office and staff are lovely, if you are looking to try an ND this is a great place to start.”
– Martha Sue H.

Specializing in Women's Health and Hormones