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You can order your own lab testing online at Direct Labs by clicking here. You will pay directly on the website then bring your order form to a local LabCorp for your blood draw. Results will come directly to you. (Disclaimer: Ordering tests via this link does not constitute a doctor-patient relationship with Dr. Amy Day.)

Multi-Pure Water Filters

Please call Deanna DeLong with any questions about clean water!
503-720-0355 cell

Deanna will help you figure out the right system for your particular area and needs and fill out the paperwork for your sale. She knows WATER, can answer all of your questions, and can tell you about the contaminants in your area. Just tell her I sent you and she’ll make sure that you can take advantage of any current promotions.

Nutrition for Pregnancy
A home-study course for women and health practitioners.
by Julie Matthews, Certified Nutrition Consultant and Autism Expert
If you are planning to conceive or are currently pregnant, this course is packed with useful information to help you have a healthy baby. Click here for more information.

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