To My Wonderful Patients,

I’m excited to announce that I am transitioning full time to my own practice in Berkeley. It’s been an honor and a pleasure to serve you these past eight years at San Francisco Natural Medicine and I’m here to help you through this transition.

This move has risen out of my commitment to maintain health and balance in my own life as I teach other women to do the same.

    When you come see me in my new practice, you will receive many of the same services: 

  • Consultations with a doctor who truly listens
  • Access to unique lab testing to reveal underlying causes
  • Comprehensive treatment plans for your individual needs
  • Preventive and pro-active approaches to stay healthy
  • GYN exams, paps, and natural solutions for women’s health
  • Bodywork sessions for stress relief and mind-body balance
“I believe physical health is only part of overall wellness. By empowering women – LIKE YOU! – to achieve healthy, vibrant lives, we create a ripple effect of positive change in the world.”

What’s new?

I am passionate about empowering women to seek solutions and keep asking questions until we find a treatment that feels right and works. For over 15 years I have dedicated myself to teaching others how to expand their health care options through natural medicine. With my new practice I’m excited to expand my offerings and help you in a variety of ways.

I have found many of my patients have been drawn to my unique style of holistic and compassionate healthcare coaching – and together we have forged deeper relationships and stronger vitality. I am thrilled to make this more accessible through a streamlined practice with benefits such as:

  • Secure online access to your treatment plans, labs, and documents
  • Easy online ordering for supplements, with my recommendations already entered for you
  • Electronic health records with online scheduling and secure messaging directly with me
    (this service is HIPPA compliant and protects your privacy)
  • All of this in addition to the continued one-on-one relationships I cherish with each of my patients as we guide and witness your transformation to a vibrant, healthy life.
    PLUS! In the coming months you will have access to exclusive online programs, groups, workshops and retreats that I have created for women just like you!

About my new office

I have created a streamlined, green, paperless office in a relaxing and welcoming environment. My office is located at 2820 7th Street inside the Berkeley Namaste Yoga Studio.

This location is easily accessible just off of the Ashby exit from interstate I-80. It is only a 20-30 minute drive from Potrero Hill and there is ample parking in front. The office is also accessible from BART’s Ashby Station with a short ride on the 49 bus which stops in front of the office.

Here are a few things that are different from SF Natural Medicine:

  • I will not have test kits and supplements on site. Instead these will be drop-shipped directly to your door.
  • GYN exams need to be scheduled in advance to allow time to set up the office and ensure the most welcoming and comfortable experience possible
  • I recommend that in addition to seeing me in Berkeley you should also have a primary care provider on your team


Please know my assistant or I can help you at any step of the way so this can be as easy for you as possible. If you have any questions at all, contact support@DrAmyDay.com or amy@DrAmyDay.com.
“Talking with Dr. Day was a huge breath of fresh air. She not only helped me with my physical symptoms, but listened to and helped validate my feelings. Dr. Day truly honors women and the many facets of our experience.” –Alice D.

What about my other relationships at SF Natural Medicine?

Your original charts will remain at SF Natural Medicine and you can see another doctor or continue to pick up supplements as needed. I have excellent relationships with all the SF Natural Medicine doctors and we are happy to coordinate your care. I want the best care for all my patients and I understand if you find a need to stay with another doctor at SF Natural Medicine. The SF Natural Medicine office may be a better fit if:

  • You need primary care, or help with more acute or urgent health care needs
  • A San Francisco location is essential
  • You prefer instant access to lab test kits and on-site supplements
  • You work with several SFNM doctors and prefer to keep everything under one roof
  • You are uncomfortable with using technology or using electronic charts during your visit
  • If you need evening or weekend appointments
  • You don’t need a deeper partnership with you doctor

Berkeley sounds great – when can we start?

I look forward to continuing as your doctor, partner, coach and guide! Because this practice includes more consultation and coaching, it will be the best fit for patients who are seeking a closer, ongoing partnership rather than single visits or quick answers. I warmly invite you to consider one of the following programs which offer you options for your unique healthcare needs and the best value in care.

During your first Berkeley visit, we will review these options together and help you decide which fits best with your needs.

“Dr. Day combines a down-to-earth, willing-to-listen and able-to-hear approach with her own expertise and clinical experience to help you get to the bottom of what ails you and permanently improve the situation.”    –Lauren P.


I have developed the following programs to give women like you more options for your unique healthcare needs. Single visits are always an option but you get the best value when you commit to one of the programs below. When you commit to me, I commit to you and together we commit to doing whatever it takes to achieve your goals.

Single visits “A la carte”

Regular follow up visit (50min): $250 – in person or by phone
Brief check-in (15-20min): $100 – by phone or email

The programs below include brief check-ins so that you can have my support between visits. If you choose single visits instead of a program, please note that brief check-ins are intended for focused needs before or after a regular visit (eg. ordering labs or briefly reviewing results). Phone calls and email exchanges, other than clarifications of a recent treatment plan, are considered brief check-ins.

Please know my assistant or I can help you at any step of the way so this can be as easy for you as possible. If you have any questions at all, contact support@DrAmyDay.com or amy@DrAmyDay.com.

Four Visit Focus Program

Year of Care Quarterly Program

Year of Care Monthly Program

Four Visit Focus Program

Year of Care Monthly Program

“The Four Visit Focus”

4 regular visits (as needed) $1000
Up to 4 brief check-ins $400
2-Week Recharge Program $297
Total Value $1697

Your Investment Only:


Special Offer for SF patients:
Save $97 with 4 monthly payments of $225


Save $200 by paying in full



A Year of Care

Quarterly: “Partners in Health”

Monthly: “Women’s Wellness Immersion”

4 regular visits (one/quarter)
Up to 4 brief check-ins
2-Week Recharge Program
Total value 

Your Investment Only:



12 monthly visits
Up to 12 brief check-ins
2-Week Recharge Program
Total Value 

Your Investment Only:

BONUS! Includes 2 friends to join the 2-Week Recharge with you!



Special offer for SF patients:
Save $97 with 12 monthly payments of $75
Save $200 by paying $797 in full
Special offer for SF patients:
Save $597 with 12 monthly payments of $200
Save $1000 by paying $1997 in full
“Dr. Day has helped me understand that my goal of wellness is a journey, not a destination. I always leave her office feeling hopeful and entirely confident in her capacity as my doctor.”    –Lisa T.

What about insurance?

Some insurance plans will cover portions of our visits just as they did at SF Natural Medicine. I will provide coded superbills, upon your request, that you can submit for reimbursement after each visit.

I have set up easy, online ordering for supplements. Supplements are not reimbursable by insurance.

We will always bill your insurance for labs when possible to keep your costs to a minimum. There are some labs that insurance will not cover, but we will always discuss these together and prioritize before deciding to order.

I’m ready – let’s get started!

Simply click the ‘Let’s Get Started’ button below to e-sign a request to transfer your records from San Francisco Natural Medicine (your original charts will remain with SFNM). Once we receive your request we will also set you up in our online system, Charm. Watch your email inbox over the next few days for further details and feel free to contact us at support@DrAmyDay.com with any questions. We’re here to help make this as smooth as possible!


Let’s Get Started!


Be Well,

Specializing in Women's Health and Hormones