Continuity Programs

As we look at how to continue with your care, you have several options depending on your needs. Single visits are always available, but you get the most support at the greatest value when you choose one of the programs below. At your next visit, I will review these options with you and help you decide what would work best for your needs.

Single visits “A la carte”

Regular follow-up visit (50min): $300 – in person or by phone

Regular follow-up visits may be medical consultations, annual GYN exams or combination appointments with stress relieving bodywork.

Brief check-in (15-20min): $150 – by phone or email
Brief check-ins are intended for focused needs before or after a regular visit (eg. ordering labs, briefly reviewing results, or making minor adjustments to treatment plans).


The programs below include regular visits, brief check-ins and participation in my cleanse, The 2-Week Women’s Recharge, so that you have my most comprehensive support.

The four-visit option can be used for a focused time of working together, or can be used for checking in once per quarter over the course of a year. The twelve-visit option is the best value and with monthly visits will give you a full year of care. This will allow you to immerse yourself in wellness and will give you the support you need to achieve your goals.

“Partners in Health” (4 Visits)

4 regular visits $1200
Up to 2 brief check-ins $300
The 2-Week Women’s Recharge $297
Total Value $1797

Your Investment Only:


Monthly payment plan also available

“Women’s Wellness Immersion” (12 visits)

12 monthly visits $3600
Up to 6 brief check-ins $900
The 2-Week Women’s Recharge (BONUS! Includes you + 2 friends!) $891
Total Value $5391

Your Investment Only:


Monthly payment plan also available

What about insurance?

Some insurance plans may cover portions of your visits. I will provide coded superbills, upon your request, that you can submit for reimbursement after each visit.

I offer easy, online ordering for supplements. Supplements are not reimbursable by insurance.

I always keep your lab costs as low as possible by helping you utilize insurance benefits when possible. I may also recommend certain labs that insurance will not cover, but we will always discuss these together and prioritize before deciding which labs to order.

“Dr. Amy Day is everything I have always wanted in a doctor: experienced, immensely knowledgeable, patient, articulate, trustworthy, compassionate, engaged, curious, attentive. I feel cared for, and every time I leave the clinic, I feel more able to care for myself.”–Tami S.
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