Attention health-conscious women in (or near) your 40s:

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Dr. Amy's Perimenopause Program

Get Informed ~ Get Empowered ~ Get Balanced

Have you noticed that your body is changing and you just can’t get away with what you used to in your 20s and 30s?

This group is for you if you are:
  • Having more irregular cycles with worsening PMS, starting to have some hot flashes, struggling with belly fat, or feeling foggy headed during the day from lack of sleep (and not because you were up late having amazing sex!)
  • So irritable that you find yourself frustrated with your kids or your partner, when all you really want is to connect and enjoy this precious time together!
  • Concerned that your memory and mental clarity issues are affecting your performance at work and causing you to miss opportunities that you know you used to be able to handle.
  • Worried about getting older, losing your zest for life, and having to face some of the health challenges that you see in your older relatives.
  • Tired of your doctor telling you everything is “normal” when you know you are off balance, and you want a more holistic answer than the birth control pill or antidepressants.

"This is common for women in their 40s and early 50s.
You're NOT going crazy, and you're NOT alone!"

Dear 40-something sister,

I created this program after hearing again and again from my perimenopausal patients that they felt out of control as their bodies were starting to change, and that no one had ever told them that it could happen to them this early.

It's time we start talking about this more, ladies!

Perimenopause is a natural phase of life and can be a full 10 years before your last period. It's rather like "puberty in reverse" and, for many women, can be a time of hormonal havoc.

After 11 years of experience helping over 1500 women, I can tell you that it IS possible to ease this rollercoaster of hormones!

I look forward to guiding you on this journey,

Dr. Amy Day, ND

PS - Your 40s are also the perfect time to get to know your body better, and start being more proactive about optimizing your health for the decades ahead. 🙂

For the next 6 months, come immerse yourself in the support of an intimate group of intelligent, caring, health conscious women. You will be guided step-by-step through Dr. Amy's Perimenopause Protocol as you build a strong foundation for overall health and rediscover your own balance, inside and out.

This unique combination of medical expertise blended with the power of community, provides an opportunity to get the help you need and the connection you crave, all at a pace and commitment that you can actually fit into your busy life!

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This program will give you a 6-month circle of support to help you optimize your hormones and your overall health!

I've gathered together for you ALL of the most helpful information and effective natural strategies that I've seen make the biggest difference for the perimenopausal patients in my practice. Then I added connection and group support as well as activities with special guests. And I know your time is precious so I've made it as flexible as possible with the least commitment required to still get you all the results you want and need.

  • Natural Approach

    Perimenopause is a natural phase of life that can be navigated gracefully with mind-body awareness, holistic self-care, and natural remedies when needed.

  • Expert Guidance

    Dr. Amy Day, ND is one of the Bay Area’s top hormone balancing experts. She is known widely for her effective protocols, and her caring and compassionate approach.

  • Community of Like-Minded Women

    Monthly in-person gathering, monthly virtual gathering, plus 24/7 facebook connection for questions, sharing and celebrations.

  • Online Wellness Library

    Dr. Amy’s guidance (via audios and handouts) on dozens of perimenopause symptoms and women’s health topics, right at your fingertips, and on your own schedule.

January - June 2016

Here's everything that is included:

1) Once-a-Month In-Person Gathering, with special guest activity

  • One Sunday per month, 4:00-6:30pm, in Berkeley. Includes sharing and connection with like-minded women, plus Dr. Amy's teaching of that month’s topic.
  • Jan 31

    RETHINK: Mindset

    We will begin by getting your mind aligned with your goals. We will explore your internal messages, and how to use your mind-body connection, your thoughts and your habitual patterns to support your health.

  • Feb 28

    RESET: Lifestyle

    The choices you make in how you live your life day-to-day can have a huge impact on your health. We will take a close look at how to optimize the Four Cornerstones of Health (Nutrition, Fitness, Sleep and Stress Management) in your own life in the simplest, most practical ways.

  • March 20

    RESTORE: Adrenal/Thyroid Health

    Your adrenal and thyroid hormones are the first keys to unlocking the mystery of balancing your internal chemistry. Many hormonal symptoms (eg fatigue, insomnia, low mood, anxiety, belly fat) stem mainly from these two, rather than the sex hormones.

  • April 24

    REBALANCE: Female Sex Hormones

    We will dive into all of the hormonal fluctuations that can happen as a woman goes through perimenopause. Once you understand what is going on in your body, you can also figure out what to do to help yourself.

  • May 22

    REPAIR: Digestive Health

    This may come as a surprise, but digestive health is a very important part of hormonal balance! We'll take a look at optimizing your digestive process, the health of your gut microbiome, and your ability to detox environmental chemicals that act like hormones.

  • June 19

    RECOMMIT: Purpose, Connection and Pleasure

    We will tap into your own deeper purpose, and connection to why you are doing all of this in the first place. We will also be exploring the power of pleasure to keep you on track on your journey to wellness as you continue forward from here.

GUEST ACTIVITY: While we are together each month, you'll get extra support from a variety of special guests such as yoga, dance, pilates or art. By bringing in movement, expression and the creative process, you will foster a deeper relationship with your mind and your body.

2) Once-a-Month Virtual Gathering

    • One Wednesday per month, 3:30-5:00pm, by computer or phone.
    • These sessions are for extra support and Q&A, and will be recorded in case you can’t attend.

3) Private Facebook Group for 24/7 connection with our amazing community

  • Ask questions, get support, share ideas, celebrate successes, send invitations (anyone want to join for a hike on Saturday?)... OR rant and complain (anyone else awake at 2am?!?).

4) Online "Hormone Harmony" Educational Library

  • Your own personal learning library of Dr. Amy's past workshops on a variety of hormone topics such as Hot Flash Relief, Anxiety, and Insomnia plus detailed classes on Adrenals, Thyroid, Sex Hormones and more. Includes downloadable audio recordings, plus written handouts.
  • This is an in-depth collection of resources that you can access in the order you need most, and at the time that is convenient for you.

5) Adrenal Saliva Test (simple at-home collection kit)

  • The adrenals are such an important foundation of hormone balancing, so this test is included for every participant! You will get to see the map of your own cortisol curve and learn your DHEA level.
  • This insightful lab test, and our monthly discussions, will help guide you to create a plan tailored to your unique needs.

6) 20% Off Supplements and Office Visits with Dr. Amy

  • If you find that you need any herbal or nutritional supplements, or focused private 1:1 time with Dr. Amy, you can get them at 20% off during these six months.

Are you ready to make 2016 the year you turn this crazy-making hormonal havoc into a peaceful and empowered perimenopause?

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This program includes well over $6,000 worth of trainings and expertise. It has been carefully designed to be comprehensive and highly effective, and still fit into your busy life.

This unique doctor-led perimenopause program is now only $247/month, and includes:

  • One in-person meeting every month
  • One virtual meeting every month
  • 24/7 online connection via Facebook
  • Monthly activities with special guests
  • Extensive online learning library
  • Adrenal saliva test (including 4x Cortisol and DHEA)

Imagine feeling like yourself again!

With Dr. Amy's guidance over the next six months, you will learn all about your hormones, develop your plan for self-care, and regain control of your health.

You will meet an amazing group of women who totally get what you are going through and will be there to support you.

As you balance your hormones, you will feel more sane and it will be easier to be patient and calm with your family. You will feel more energetic and will able to think straight at work. Plus you will confidently set the stage for optimal health for the years and decades ahead.

I look forward to guiding you on this journey!

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