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On this call ($97 value) you will learn:

  • How to naturally manage your monthly cycle to ease your period pain and PMS symptoms
  • The top 3 approaches to pain management that your doctors don’t even think about
  • How to prioritize your efforts with diet, exercise and supplement strategies that really work
  • That taking a more active role in your health will allow you to finally get your life back!

I was diagnosed with endometriosis while I was in med school 11 years ago. I dedicated my studies to learning everything I could about this disease, female pelvic disorders, women’s hormone balancing and natural strategies for women’s health. Now after helping over 1,000 women in my private practice to live healthy vibrant lives, I’ve discovered how to blend the best of modern medicine with the wisdom of nature to help you decrease your pain without the side effects of prescription drugs. Many women with severe endo have surgeries every 2-3 years and I’m so proud of my body for making it 11 years with this approach. Now after recovering from my second surgery, I’m excited to share these strategies with you and help you to take charge of your life again!


This call is especially for you if you are:

  • Living your life dreading each next cycle, even planning activities around your pain and PMS
  • Frustrated that your doctors dismiss your symptoms, saying that they’re “just normal”
  • Searching for solutions other than just going on the birth control pill or other strong drugs
  • Living with endometriosis, or wondering if you might have it


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If you need more help after this call…


I will also be sharing with you an opportunity to have me guide you more closely to implement the strategies I’ll be sharing. In support of endometriosis awareness month, I’m exicted to announce that my upcoming group wellness program and cleanse will be a special fundraiser for the Endometriosis Association. (Update: This group took place April 2012 but the self-study version is available. If you would like to support the Endometriosis Association, just email me after you register and at your request I will donate half of the proceeds to this important organization.)

This is a virtual program so you can attend from anywhere. You can also go at your own pace… everything is recorded and flexible because I know you are busy!

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Dr. Amy Day

Naturopathic Doctor

Women’s Wellness Coach

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