for new patients…

The 3-Month Women’s Wellness Jumpstart

Think of the frustration you feel after a typical 10 minute doctor visit where you are handed a prescription and sent out the door with no chance to even ask questions.

If you’re ready for an entirely different experience,
Dr. Amy’s Wellness Jumpstart will be a breath of fresh air.

You can rest easy with the confidence of having expert guidance, coaching, and support over the next three months, to help you reach your goals. You will get real answers, effective holistic treatment options and a partner on your journey to wellness.

If you live outside of the Bay Area, consulting and wellness coaching services are also available online and by phone.

The Jumpstart begins with a spacious two-hour first appointment, which may include:

  • Comprehensive review of history
  • In-depth medical consultation
  • Health and wellness goal setting
  • Supplement review and recommendations
  • Discussion and ordering of lab tests
  • Initial prescription of bioidentical hormones, if appropriate
  • Plus, a detailed written plan will be sent to you afterwards

Follow Up

After your first appointment, the Jumpstart program goes on to include up to two additional follow-up appointments, 50-60 minutes each, in-person or by phone, typically a month apart from each other.

Between Appointments

To keep in touch with updates, and get answers to questions that come up along the way, you will also be able to connect with Dr. Amy in between appointments by secure Messaging via an online patient portal.

Online Wellness Program

Plus, you will have access to “The Busy Woman’s 2-Week Recharge” online wellness program to help you build a healthy lifestyle foundation for hormone balance and overall health through four areas: Nutrition, Fitness, Sleep and Stress Management. (You may even start with this right away while you are awaiting your first appointment.)

Your visits will follow Dr. Amy’s 3-step process for finding the “A.R.T.” of living in balance:

“A” = Assess: thorough history, review of symptoms, order appropriate labs, initial treatment plan
“R” = Rebalance: review lab results, adjust to create your comprehensive and individualized treatment plan
“T” = Thrive: Maintain with easy, effective self-care so you can have the health you need to fulfill your dreams!

This is for you if you know that wellness is a journey and you want to have a doctor who will really get to know you and give you all the support you need to achieve your goals.

Women’s Wellness Jumpstart (3 months)

Two-Hour New Patient Visit $750
Up to two Regular (50 min) follow-up visits $550
Access to Dr. Amy via secure Messaging between visits if needed $400
The Busy Woman’s 2-Week Recharge (online wellness program – live group or self-guided) $297
Total value $1997

Your Investment Only:


Lab fees and supplements not included.

Monthly payment plan also available.

What about insurance?

Some insurance plans may cover portions of your visits. We provide coded superbills, which you can submit for reimbursement, after each visit.

We offer easy, online ordering for supplements. Supplements are not reimbursable by insurance.

We always keep your lab costs as low as possible by helping you utilize insurance benefits appropriately. We may also recommend certain “functional medicine” labs that insurance will not cover, but we will always discuss these together and prioritize before deciding which labs to order.

“Dr. Amy Day is everything I have always wanted in a doctor: experienced, immensely knowledgeable, patient, articulate, trustworthy, compassionate, engaged, curious, attentive. I feel cared for, and every time I leave the clinic, I feel more able to care for myself.”–Tami S.

What happens after the Jumpstart?

To help you fully achieve your goals and maintain your health over the longer term, you will have several Annual Wellness Plans to choose from. Single follow-up visits may be an option if space is available, however most patients choose to continue for the next year. The annual plans can also be customized, so after your initial 3-month Jumpstart, we can discuss your needs and find the right fit for you going forward.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to get the care that you most need! If for any reason you decide to stop the Jumpstart program early, you will be fully refunded the difference between what you have already paid and what you have already used, based on the regular rates.

Questions? Write to We’re here to help!

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