The Hidden Cost of Busy

How to stop feeling overwhelmed, stay healthy and still get stuff done!

Too much to do?
Skipping breakfast?
Staying up too late?
Missing your workouts?
Not having any fun???

Join me on this FREE one-hour webinar, where you will learn:

  • Why "busy" has become such an epidemic and how to shift out of the mindsets that contribute to it
  • 3 phases of adrenal fatigue - how stress is impacting your hormone balance, and your overall health
  • 5 keys to mastering the art of self-care, even when your life is very full
  • How to have more energy to enjoy your life and do the things that *you* want to do

You will also get a special (no pressure) invitation to play in My Vitality Challenge. This is the online game that makes getting healthy easy and fun. The next round is starting soon!

A Women's Wellness Webinar with Dr. Amy Day

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Are you tired of putting yourself last? Well, it's time to put yourself first! You can take simple steps that will reduce the toll stress is costing your body, and your life. As you build an upward spiral of wellness, you will increase your energy, your productivity, and your overall balance inside and out.

You CAN get back to actually enjoying all the things you are so busy doing! Register above to get started.