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Are you ready to get your energy back?

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Dear Busy Mom,

Thank you for taking a moment for yourself! I’m glad you are here.

You’ve come to the right place if…

You are sick and tired of feeling overwhelmed and exhausted all the time

Your doctor tells you that you are “normal” but you know intuitively that something is off

You really want to take care of your health, but stress and bad habits get in the way

You want a holistic approach that identifies underlying causes and provides natural solutions

If you need more energy so you can actually enjoy your life again, you are not alone! I’ve helped over 1,000 women restore their balance with my natural approach, and I know how to make it easier for you.

I’d love to get you started with a

Complimentary Energy Assessment Session.


Do I have adrenal fatigue?

Adrenal fatigue is one of the most common causes of fatigue for busy moms. If you have 5 or more of the below symptoms, then it is likely that you have adrenal fatigue.

We’ll look more closely at this, and other contributing factors to your fatigue, during the Energy Assessment Session (scroll down to apply).

You may have adrenal fatigue if you:

Have trouble waking even after 8 hours of sleep

Feel tired all day then get a second wind late in the evening

Have a history of high stress and/or prolonged stress

Crave salty or fatty foods

Get low blood sugar if you go too long without eating

Feel better for a brief time after eating

Have difficulty losing weight, especially around the abdomen

Use caffeine and sugar to prop yourself up during the day

Catch colds and flus easily, and symptoms tend to linger

Have low blood pressure and get dizzy easily

Have low sex drive

Have increased PMS or menopausal symptoms

Feel better on vacations or downtime when stress is low


Photo of Dr. Amy DayIf you are tired of trying to get healthy on your own, imagine what it would be like to have an experienced guide to support you through a simplified step by step process to Replenish Your Energy naturally. Sign up below get started with a Complimentary Energy Assessment Session.

In this session, I’ll help you identify your biggest obstacles, your biggest assets, the most likely causes of your fatigue and the most important first steps YOU can take to get your energy back!

As a busy mom myself, I know how hard it is, and how important it is, to keep yourself healthy and vibrant. Both personally and professionally, I’ve been able to narrow in on the most effective strategies that can really fit into the busy life of a working mom.

This could be the year that you get your energy back, restore your balance and rejuvenate your body! Perhaps you’ll even get that promotion at work, rekindle the romance at home, or connect more with your kids so you can be the best mom that you can be.


I’m excited to help more moms this year, and I’ve also learned that I need to keep my own balance. Therefore, I’m offering only a limited number of these free sessions, so please apply below if you are ready to Replenish Your Energy now!

I’m ready to strongly commit to helping you have the energy and the health that you need to thrive, so please only apply if you are committed, too. I’ll contact you within a few days to schedule our call.


“Yes! I’m ready and I want get started with one of Dr. Amy’s Complimentary Energy Assessment Sessions.”

I understand that this is a live telephone meeting with Dr. Amy Day and will be sure to sign up for a time that I can commit to.


If you are approved and there is space available, we’ll contact you about scheduling within 1-3 business days.

Please note that these sessions are for educational and informational purposes only and you will  not be given any medical advice. You will not receive diagnosis or treatment for any specific medical conditions. Please see your doctor for individualized medical care or any health concerns that arise.



In the meantime, here is a recipe for a great breakfast to get you started:


Easy Energy Green Smoothie

This is a quick and easy smoothie recipe as an example of a well-balanced meal. This is a great way to start your day for better energy and balanced hormones.

6 oz water or unsweetened milk substitute (coconut, rice, almond, oat, hemp, etc)

2 oz unsweetened cranberry juice, pomegranate juice or “green” juice

1/2 cup frozen dark berries

1 cup of spinach or chard (or a sprig of parsley, mint or basil)

Fat: 1 Tbsp flax oil, coconut oil, shredded coconut or 1/2 avocado

Protein: yogurt or a protein powder (whey, rice, hemp)

Fiber: 2 Tbsp raw ground flaxseeds (store in the freezer for freshness)

Blend and enjoy!

(Time crunch? Put the first five ingredients in the blender the night before and store in the fridge. In the AM, add the powders, blend and pour into a to go cup!)

I look forward to connecting with you and helping you replenish your vital energy!

Be well,

Dr. Amy Day
Naturopathic Doctor
Busy Mom’s Energy Expert


“My life has changed since working with Dr. Amy Day. My energy level is amazing, and my health is going in the right direction.” –Roxana Mougeot, San Francisco


“Being off sugar is great! I have no cravings, Iʼm less tired and I have way more energy. Six months after Dr. Day’s group, I had the energy to do a walk all the way across England… and I’m already planning my next trip!” – Rebecca Downer, San Francisco


“Before joining Dr. Day’s program, my energy level was low and I wasn’t getting to the gym because I felt too exhausted. I discovered that accumulated stress in my life had caused a burnout of my adrenals.
Now I feel like a new person! I have lost 14 pounds, but that has been a small part of the whole picture for me. My energy level is so much better now. I don’t get the mid afternoon slump, which was causing me to overeat and drink caffeine to stay awake. I am sleeping like a baby again and I wake up refreshed and stay that way throughout the day. My husband and daughter are getting healthier in the process, so we are all happy about it. I feel in control of my life again.” – Carol Baillie, RN, Diabetes Educator, San Francisco

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