simplified self-care with Dr. Amy

Dear Busy Woman,

Have you put your own health on the back burner for too long? I totally understand that when you are so busy it can seem really hard to fit self-care into your daily routines.

Both personal and professional experience have shown me that you need to take care of your own health in order to be your best and make the difference you are here to make. All the other people who depend on you need you to be well!

This simple and effective program will help you get back on track so you can have:

  • More energy
  • Deeper sleep
  • Improved moods
  • Sustainable weight loss
  • Balanced hormones

The 2-Week Recharge Program:

This program will help you optimize the Four Cornerstones of HealthNutrition, Fitness, Sleep and Stress Management. You will have a web portal to access your materials, three phone calls live with Dr. Amy, plus email and facebook support throughout the two weeks.

The core program will help you to restore your adrenal rhythms and effectively build all four of the Cornerstones of Health into your daily routines for overall wellness. The program includes:

  • Self-assessments
  • Customized daily routine
  • Food guides including menu plans, recipes and shopping lists
  • Exercise videos and workout schedule planner
  • Relaxation practices and sleep support
  • Spa-like self-care treatments
  • Motivation and accountability to help you stick to it!

Plus, there are two additional modules included in case you need deeper support for your health concerns.

  • Elimination and Challenge Guide - to assess for food sensitivities (if you need help with allergies, eczema, digestive problems)
  • Liver Cleanse Guide - to boost your detox pathways (if you need help with past medications, environmental toxins, hormone balance)
  • Flexible

    I know you are busy, so everything is recorded and you can decide the timing that is best for you. You can download the handouts so you can refer to them again and again if needed. The diet you follow will depend on your needs so you get to choose the level that is right for you. Whether you are a seasoned health nut or this is all new, you can benefit from this easy to follow program. You can always go back and do a more challenging version later if you choose.

  • Enjoyable

    Yes, this program may stretch your comfort zone, but this is not a fast and you won’t be sitting on the toilet all day like with some cleanse programs! You will feel satisfied and nourished from eating a healthy whole foods diet. You will also learn wonderful self-care routines that you can do at home to feel fully pampered without spending a fortune (or a lot of time)! These practices help to boost energy, release tension, improve sleep and nurture your body… plus they make you look and feel fabulous!

  • Proven

    I’ve helped hundreds of women increase energy, restore adrenal health, jump start healthy weight loss, balance hormones, ease troubling digestive symptoms and shift their relationship to food and self-care forever. I personally do this program twice per year as part of my own health maintenance and to “push the re-set button” on any habits that slip over time.


July 9-23 Live Group Details

  • P

    Phone Calls for Recharge Guidance

    "Welcome" and "Wrap-up" Calls: Wednesdays, July 9 and 23, 7:00-8:30pm Pacific

  • GC

    Group Coaching Call

    "Q&A with Dr. Day" group coaching call: Wednesday, July 16, 3:30pm Pacific

  • E

    Email messages from Dr. Amy

    Daily email guidance message from Dr. Amy

  • FB

    Facebook - Private Group

    Private facebook group for questions, sharing and support

  • ?

    Optional in-person gathering (Oakland, CA)

    Optional in-person Women’s Wellness Circle: Wednesday, July 16, 7:00-8:30pm Pacific

What is the investment?

Consider what difference it will make in your life to have all the energy and health you need to fulfill your dreams! I really want you to succeed and have built this comprehensive program to give you a powerful boost, for an investment that you will feel is well worth it.

This program is a collection of my experience from working with over a thousand women for the past ten years, with extra support from a team of experts including a nutritionist, yoga teacher, personal trainer and neuro-repatterning coach. When I created (and revamped) this program, I focused my knowledge and expertise into the most streamlined experience possible for you.

The normal investment for this program is $297 but I am excited to offer it today at a New Year's Special price. You AND a friend can join this upcoming group for only $197 total - that's two women getting awesome support for less than the price of a single one-hour consultation with me.

New Year's Special - Only $197 (plus bring a friend)

...for REAL women

"The Recharge is the perfect program to kickstart you back into healthy habits. It is manageable and doable for REAL women with busy lives. After two weeks, I feel more clear-headed, have steadier energy and feel calmer."

-L. V. mom of 16 month old cutie, San Francisco


I’d love for you to get this support and to make your health goals come true… and now you can, for only $197. I look forward to supporting you to have abundant energy so you can do all the important things you do!

Questions? Write to

I look forward to guiding you on this journey ...


- Dr. Amy Day

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I want you to get the support that you need!

If for any reason you are unsatisfied within the next thirty days, I will refund your money.